Foundry services
Gravity aluminium casting and die forging in copper and brass

ISO9001 Delegate Ibérica Lda in Lisbon, Portugal, was founded with the support of one of the main mechanical engineering factories, specialized in gravity aluminium casting, and die forging in copper and brass, and also the final manufacturing of the forged and casted pieces.

Manufacturing platform of Delegate Ibérica Lda began its activity in the industrial sector in 1980, having instalations in the Braga Industrial Park with an area of 2000m2. Having a large experience in forging and casting, we mantain technical and human means to produce any type of piece in aluminium alloy, according to a model, a drawing, or just an idea.

Quality control is made in every step of production by a technical department, equiped with the most modern information technologies, capable of respond to the more chalenging demandings of quality.

Delegate Ibérica Lda manufacturing platform is certified according to NP EN ISO 9001:2000.